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Do you want to know why students struggle with maths consistently
Most students I speak with tell me it’s because they think they are terrible with maths and this is how it will always be
This is not true as no one is born to be bad at the Maths or any subject, just like any skill, you can learn it and be better at it
So why are they not getting it if this is the case?

Why is it they are still coming back with low grades on their report?
Why is it they dread going into those maths classes?
The problem is that most students haven’t really found the right environment to grow and develop their maths skills
So they are not making progress with the subject
They are hanging on a very thin line and about to give up on the subject entirely
Their frustration grows
I know we all don’t value education the same way
But however you feel about education and how important it is to you or not
I am sure you will agree that no parents like to see their children struggle with anything, not even their school work
Little progresses can be developed in maths to make big progresses
It all starts with shifting the mindset of your young person..

Not everyone is bad at maths
The fact that you are struggling with the subject now does not mean you are not good at it
You perhaps just need someone to break it down to you in a way that you understand
For your child to achieve success in maths, there needs to be a roadmap that they follow that will provide the structure they need to build their confidence in the subject
This way they can practise over and over again the concepts that they have learnt. Maths is learnt by practise and repetition.
And once they get a grasp of it,, this will filter into all the other subjects as well.
As maths is not just about numbers and cramming formulas, it goes way beyond that.
Maths builds overall confidence , it analytical skills, it shows you how to be persistent regardless of how bad a situation looks.
Students that get better with maths can apply the same skill to their everyday life in terms of decision making, problem solving and overcoming little challenges…..
Tutu Akinyede

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