“We are passionate about getting the best out of every child that comes through our door.”

Tutu, Founder

Our Story

Tecnis Academy began out of my interest in teaching children and supporting them to develop their confidence in their academic work.
Tecnis Academy started as a one person team with me visiting students, homes to provide 1-1 tuition, this often involved driving from one house to the other with my then baby daughter (Now 9 years old) strapped on my back. At one point, I was visiting 20 homes in a week. In 2016, I made a decision to invite all my students to a small office space that I rented. 18 out of the 20 students followed me to the small office at the time.

We grew from a small office to 4 centres across Kent after which the COVID pandemic hit. Tecnis Academy moved all tuition services to virtual tuition during the pandemic and we have not looked back since then. Tecnis Academy now helps to improve learning for over 2000 students across 10 countries and we work hard to improve the quality of our students’ learning experience every day. We provide regular free webinars and Live Talks offering Parents advice on the UK Educational System and Processes as well as free tips and tricks to help our students become high achievers in their academics.

Why work with us


We are here to help students, to give them that extra tuition support they might need from time to time. Despite the schools’ best efforts, there are still many children who fall behind their potential. We know this instinctively – teachers and parents are often aware of it, and often the pupils themselves are aware but feel powerless to help themselves.
We are passionate about getting the best out of every child that comes through our doors. We believe every child has the potential to do well in any subject whatsoever. Our tutors have a big wealth of experience, and all of them currently teach in schools, and therefore at up to date with the frequent government changes on the national curriculum. We tutor children age 2 to 18.


Tecnis Academy is proud to work with local schools in the area and support them by holding booster courses. Our Maths and English courses are National Curriculum aligned and are designed to get children really enthusiastic about their studies.

We offer revision programmes for all abilities and year groups. Each programme is specifically tailored to prepare students in the most appropriate way for their needs. All our staff are experienced and qualified teachers. We run sessions during school terms, half terms, summer and Easter breaks.

If your school would like to book one of our courses, please send us an email admissions@tecnisacademy.com or call us on +44 1795 358 030 for more information.

Meet Our Leadership

Tutu Akinyede


Jessica Francis-Chambers

Vice Principal

Alina Morar

Vice Principal

Daniel Ilori

Assistant Vice Principal