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I have heard many parents told it is too early to start preparing their child for the 11+ Exam.
It is never too early to prepare your child for anything.
Tennis player Serena Williams didn’t start preparing for all her major wins close to the games, she started a long time before that.
She won more Grand Slam singles titles (23) than any other woman or man during the open era.
Starting early prevents your child from being overwhelmed and gives them a solid foundation of the content to be covered in year 4 and 5.
Asides introducing your child to the 11+ content, this program will give your child an extra edge in their school work too.
My name is Tutu, and I have helped thousands of children succeed in their academics. I am using all my experience of 11 years of being a qualified teacher to help students achieve their academic goals.
So if your child is in year 3 and you would like to take this once in a year time offer, type ‘year 3’ in the comment section.

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