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And why it is also a dis-service to your child if you are missing out on this great advantage

The goal of any tuition should be to:

?Help students achieve a better education.

? Create a good environment to motivate students to want to do well

Why is there some reluctance to sign up your child for online sessions ?

Could it be face to face session is all you know and just unwilling to try something new?

Perhaps because you are a firm believer in online sessions not being as effective?

In recent news, some universities have had to solely rely on remote learning as a large number of students have been told to self isolate.

Let’s break it down.

Face to face learning has been the standard way of instruction for centuries, while online tuition has become increasingly popular in the last 6 months.

What the pandemic has done is fast forward what education would have looked like in 10 years..

The quicker your child gets familiar and comfortable with online sessions, the better it will be for them, as online education has come to stay.

Change is inevitable especially in these daunting times, and we should teach our children how to adapt swiftly when the changes do occur.

Resisting changes like this will only make the journey harder and longer.

It is obvious in current times that it is not only education that has come to stay online, but also other events such as work meetings, seminars, training are all conveniently now scheduled online.

Working remotely/working from home has become the norm.

So my question is this, what world are you preparing your child for?

A world of working remotely? Or would they insist on working face to face and hop on the next train to work despite their future employer providing the opportunity for them to work remotely?

Will they ask to see their manager face to face before their job is executed.

The current situation is that the school is currently playing catchup with their students.

There was 33% gap of missed learning during the lockdown

If your child was already behind before the pandemic, they will be even more behind now

Here are the things that makes online tuition favourable

There’s no travel time to and from the tuition centre

There is no need for a tutor,  who is not part of your household to do home visits especially during these recent times

Children can learn from the comfort of their home

Children don’t seem to mind the online sessions purely due to the fact that they are on the computer, half of the reluctance that comes with learning is reduced because they are in front of a screen.

With everything that comes with it, not only have you managed to buy time for you as a parent

but you also have a child who is more engaged and keen with their education plus you don’t have to run around like headless chicken playing chauffeur to get your child to tuition on the right day and time, one less thing to worry about right?

You have invariably bought yourself more time to do the things that you love or just simply spend more time with the other siblings.

…And we didn’t even get into the winter evenings when it gets so dark quickly

It’s already dark before you set out

Face to face learning is slowly becoming outdated and will not be necessary for all of your child’s educational needs as times goes on

It’s time to start adopting the new leveraged model (online tutoring) so your child can:

?Get a really good feel of it and erase the notion that it is only face to face sessions that work

?Start to make progress with their school learning

?Actually achieve their goals without necessarily leaving your dining table

Doesn’t that sound better?

If you are ready to learn the new way; online tuition. Then good news!

Head to the link here to book a trial session for your child –

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