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Increasing your child’s productivity.

I truly admire any present parent, especially mums as there is this little or big being(s) you care for and you have to be there for them 100 percent emotionally, physically, mentally financially and what may. You can’t just switch off, not an option.That capacity of being ever present and there for another entire being is a big deal!

My teaching role went to the next level after I birthed my own child. I perfectly understood how each child is a unique individual that is the number one priority for a dad or mum. I was able to see better through their eyes. Not saying you have to have your own child to be a good teacher, but it certainly helped me have more empathy and patience. I hardly give parenting advice, I try to stick to advice around Education because I believe this is one of the few jobs where being an expert is not guaranteed despite following specific steps. I believe being a present parent is the hardest job in the world. Your thoughts?

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