No child is dumb

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No child is dumb
No child is NOT academically inclined
No skill is unteachable
No doubt some children are naturally more inclined to some skills and do well with little or no effort, whereas it will take other children longer.
And that is ok, this does not mean the child is less intelligent in any way or form
Looking back to when I was in secondary school.. I used to stare in awe at students who were able to answer quickly even before the teacher had finished asking the question (Ayoola this is you, tag him if you know his handle).
I used to get so annoyed that I couldn’t make my brain work so fast.
It took me years to realise I wasn’t any less intelligent than Ayoola, our brains just work differently
One of the frequent questions parents ask me at the initial consultation for our 11+ preparation programme is if I think their child is capable of passing the exam or not.
Now for those of you who are not familiar with the 11+ exam, it is a rigorous common entrance exam which allows children to get a place in a selective school in England.
My answer to parents who ask such questions has always been: ‘yes your child is capable’.
I never turn any child away, I never tell any child this is how high you can climb,
I put all the opportunities in front of them and let them decide how far they can go. Children are so dynamic…
they have this way of humbling you if you ever make the mistake of thinking low or doubting them. It is important NOT to write that child off because they can’t do their times table, or because they struggle to read.
Rather, get them the support they need.
I have been on my weight loss journey for a year and a half now, and some of the ladies I started with have lost double what I have.
Now does this mean I am not making progress?
Of course not, we have different body types, we do different daily activities and so it is ok not to progress in the same way.
My progress however is still worth celebrating (as you can see in the picture), and eventually I will reach my goal (not there yet by the way).
The same thing applies to your child when you feel they are not progressing as much as a sibling or a classmate.
Don’t compare, comparison can be very dangerous,
rather than complain at how hard they struggle,
channel your energy to give them the best support in the area they struggle and in fact their current weakness might become their greatest strength.

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