Supporting your child with their homework

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I get a lot of ‘I am very busy’, yes I know…you are not alone ?…nobody has time in today’s go-go-go age.

Our waking hours are mostly taken by work, cleaning ?, having some social time with family and friends, being a parent (if you are one).

When it comes to our children’s education and extracurricular activities, we would need to be intentional and create that time.

When I inform a parent that their child has not been completing my homework, I am not telling you this so you can tell your child off.

Infact, I am telling you so you can support them better with completing their tasks.

Some children are keen to get their homework done and will happily get on with it, some not quite, this is where you come in.

You can help them create time, you can support them with organising and sticking to  their deadlines, but you will need to create time for this from your busy schedule.

Creating time for specific tasks does not have to be tons of hours, it could  be as little as 15 mins to spend on reading each night or 5 mins in the car to practise their times table.

See below few tips to make this happen:

1)Create a calm space to work: turn off TV  and put mobile phone(s) on silent

2)Complete homework or projects over short intervals across the day or week

3) Be available to help: I preach to children about being independent with their work, but oftentimes they still need a lot of reassurance and encouragement. And knowing you are at hand and available to help or reassure goes a long way.

4)Let them know in advance when this will happen. Having a set time every week or day and sticking to it helps to reduce resistance. Our homework day in my household is Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and we try to stick to this.

5) Be patient: you will get a lot of ‘That’s not how my teacher taught me’ or annoyed faces. Don’t let this deter you, persist and with time they will become used to this.


PS: that’s a pic of me lifting 28kg kettlebell, it has nothing to do with my writing, sorry ?

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