Productivity: how can we increase it?

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Increasing your child’s productivity.

Many at times it feels like there are not enough hours in a day to meet all the demands we have as parents and guardians.

The weekend goes so quickly yet there are still a few things not attended to or not completed at all.

The new week has fallen upon us and sometimes it is a struggle to drag ourselves

and our children back to the weekly routine which for some can be very draining and tiring.

Shorter days and longer nights don’t seem to help either

You watch as the children reluctantly get out of bed on week mornings and they seem to drag their feet at every single thing except when they are in front of a screen.

Below are a few tips that might help increase your child’s productivity, motivate them more and help them to achieve more over a short period of time , not all might apply to you and your child:

?Do little and often tasks that they find boring or tiring

?Establish a schedule and stick to it

?Work before play: ensure they complete activities/tasks that feels laborious to them before they play

?Assign chores: we as parents are so used to doing so much that we sometimes forget to include our children in some of the chores at home

?Reduce screen time: yes this is possible

?Give lots of Praises and apply sanctions for misbehaviour: Praise loudly, tell off quietly

?Follow up on rewards and sanctions: let your words reflect your actions

?Teach them to take a break from any task or activity that they find very difficult and return to it later with fresh eyes

?Stick to a bedtime routine i.e. going to bed early, having a bath the night before, sort out uniform the night before, reading a book at bedtime.. etc

?Give them a small list of things to complete or achieve. Have a time frame for each of these or tasks given, then ask them ‘what’s next’?

?Exercise: this is so underrated with children when it comes to productivity. Short exercises will increase your child’s heart rate and help to release the good feel chemicals in their brain which will increase productivity. Doing this at the beginning or at the end of the day will go a long way.

PS: my nephew takes cleaning seriously, let’s hope he carries on with this ?

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