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There are 2 types of mindset: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. The fixed mindset assumes that your character, intelligence and creative abilities are static. And that success is measured by how intelligent you are. A growth mindset on the other hand thrives at challenges and sees failure as inevitable and in fact does not see success as a measure of intelligence. The growth mindset is definitely the one you should be deliberately practicing. I use the word deliberate, because this will be a conscious effort on your side to cultivate the growth mindset. Everyone one can change and grow through application and practice. Nothing is static, nothing is deemed to be like it is forever. You can make change happen through persistent practice, effort and hardwork. I relate this a lot to the students that I teach, I am constantly working on changing their mindset to the growth mindset when it comes to Maths. For some of them, they find the subject extremely difficult. My work as their teacher is not only just to teach them the formulas and send them away, it is first of all to change their mindset to ‘although this looks difficult at the moment, but with effort and practice you will get better’. I am always looking for opportunities to celebrate hard work above intelligence in my classes. A person’s true potential is unknown until you dig deep and delve into the uncertain. Human qualities such as intelligence, love, friendship can be cultivated through effort and deliberate practice. You are in control of the standards you set for your life. If you desire change, then your standards have to change. You are in charge of these standards and you are in control of how you show up to every single one of them. If you dream big, your standards will have no choice but to shift to accommodate your big dream. What standards do you hold yourself to? The less you imagine, the less you will undoubtedly deserve. I challenge you today to actively practice the growth mindset in your day to day life, shift your mindset to being confident that you can make your weakest links become your greatest strengths. Tutu x.

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