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Do you teach one-to-one? I get asked this a lot by parents? “No I don’t” is my response, ‘I do group tuition”.
So there’s no doubt one-on-one tuition can get students great results if they have a good tutor.There would be a big problem if it didn’t. No doubt one to one has its benefits, yes the student gets the tutor’s undivided attention. But the student will still need to do the work in one to one sessions. There will be a point during the session where the one-to-one tutor will have to take a step back and let the student role model what they have been taught.The All Blacks rugby team are the most successful sports Franchise in history, achieving a better ratio than Brazil in football or Australia in Cricket. I recently became fascinated with their winning formula and started researching. One of the key reasons behind their success is creating the winning environment for their team. They have this aura around them that sets them apart from the other teams. You can’t get this aura or feeling in a one to one environment where your child is a lone wolf working by themselves with a tutor. Take a minute to think about this, learning in a group setting at school might not be the main problem hindering your child’s academic progress
It could be they might not be thriving as you would like them to just because they are not in the right team such as the All blacks. Working in the RIGHT environment in a group setting fosters creativity and learning. Note my emphasis on the Right environment, working together in a healthy environment blends complementary strengths and builds a wider sense of ownership.
It might not be undivided attention from a one-to-to tutor that your child needs in their tuition. Parents, have you thought about which of the options your child will be having this academic year? Are they going to carry on at school as normal or are you going to get them a one to one tutor Or are you going to get them a group tuition or are you going to get them a group tuition in a winning environment? Let me tell you about the winning environment. Students’ academic progress is accelerated in this environment because they are working with like minded individuals who are working towards a similar goal. Here’s how this mode works: we build a winning environment so that every child can thrive, it helps them become better, it motivates them to want to do more and it encourages better habits such as punctuality, responsibility and a great confidence lift. So everyone wins.
The benefits are endless; What is more fulfilling for me is knowing that I am supporting thousands of young people to reach their potential. I have a personal obligation to help as many students as possible.

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