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Did you know your child might be struggling with Maths because their times table is not where it should be?
Are you aware your child will write a compulsory National Timetable Exam in year 4.
If you don’t fix it now, it will carry on into secondary and it will get worse
It is my desire that every child can engage, enjoy and excel in Maths.
Via my Whatsapp channel, I can’t wait to tell you more about my 6-week Timetable program that will help your child gain more confidence in Maths.
It will help them see the subject in a totally new light.
They will no longer be that child who is always behind their maths work in class.
I have replicated the exact strategy I used for my own daughter (pictured with an owl) and 100s of other children (see some of the parents’ feedback in the comment section).
Would you like to get this training so your child can learn it too?
Chat me up on Whatsapp, remember to save my number as Tutu (Teacher) first so you can get my updates.

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