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Posted in   FB Posts, News   on  April 19, 2022 by  Tutu Akinyede0

There is a genius in every child. Each child has something they can do better than most people. Appreciate all types of genius.Genius comes in many forms. Some children excel in academic capabilities, others are creative geniuses, some are future innovators, whereas some are good at spotting problems and help understand them better. And the things they are not naturally gifted at, help them apply the growth mindset, they can certainly be better. Forget what IQ tests will say. The message is clear, IQ is a practical but LIMITED measure of true intelligence.
It is easy to see our young children as ours, but are they really? This is what I think: we are only caretakers of these future adults.
God has placed them in our care to nurture and guide them into being the best version of their adult self. Our children are simply smarter in more ways than can be measured through an IQ test or through academic.Have a great week. Tutu.

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