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One of the key things I talk about when it comes to our children’s education is raising well balanced rounded young individuals who are not only good with their academics but also good at other things.

Your child might however not know how good they are or can be with learning new skills until they have tried.

Finding balance with what they are happy doing and what is best for them will come from trialling things out.

Learning Piano and any other musical instrument can make your child make better academic progress, studies back this up.

Playing the piano improves brain function and helps the parts of the brain that are useful in subjects like maths and science, spatial intelligence, and other cognitive functions. .

It also provides an outlet for escape, pleasure and fulfilment.

‘Learning to play an instrument increases motor control, listening, memory (especially of audio information). The benefits extend beyond the activity of playing the piano into your everyday lives. They impact ability to plan, coordination, language skills, attention span and alertness’

Roberta Wolff

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