Before and After School Care

At Tecnis Academy, we understand the need of working parents to have quality, reliable, convenient, and stress-free childcare provision.

Tecnis Academy is in the process of gaining approval to open two (2) of our centres up for Before and After school care provision with the added benefit of school transportation service and Homework Support.
This will be a place of Fun and learning for children to relax, make friend whilst supporting their learning at the same time.

This service will ensure that parents who have to travel to work very early in the morning or arrive from work later than the regular in-school clubs can have a safe and secure childcare provider who will also ensure that their children are taken to school and returned back safely.

We envisage this service will commence from the new academic year 2022/2023.

To Register your interest in the Before and After school care service, please contact - and we will contact you once this service is up and running.